Winco Foods (commonly called Winco) is a privately held grocery store chain located in the United States.  The grocery chain is

employee owned and currently has locations in eight states.  Employing approximately 15,000 people throughout 107 locations the chain is known for its low prices and customer service.  Individuals shopping at Winco are also able to take advantage of convenient financial services including the ability to cash checks. Below you will find important information about Winco check cashing.

Winco Check Cashing Policy

Winco is able to cash payroll checks at any of their locations.  Customers must visit the customer service desk and present a valid form of photo identification.  Winco employees will call the customers employer to verify employment prior to cashing a check.  At this time Winco is unable to cash personal, government or tax refund checks at any location.  Only one payroll check can be cashed every seven days.

Winco Check Cashing Fees

There is a $5.00 token fee for cashing payroll checks up to $500.00.

A $10.00 token fee is charged for payroll checks up to $1,000.00.

Checks written for amounts greater than $1,000.00 will not be cashed.

Tokens can be redeemed for Winco merchandise.

To find a Winco check cashing location near you click HERE

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