Wells Fargo & Company is an American based international bank that has operated since 1852.  Originally located in New York

City, New York the financial institution is currently headquartered in San Francisco, California.  The multi-billion dollar bank has approximately 8,700 branches and about 13,000 automated teller machines (ATMs) around the world.  Account holders and individuals who live near Wells Fargo branches are able to benefit from their multiple services including the ability to purchase a Wells Fargo money order. Below you will find important information about Wells Fargo money order.

Wells Fargo Money Order Policy

Consumers are able to purchase a Wells Fargo money order at any branch location that is convenient to them.  Tellers inside of the branch can complete the transaction during normal business hours.  Account holders can pay for a Wells Fargo money order using cash or the funds that are available in their active bank accounts.  Individuals who do not have an account at Wells Fargo must purchase their money order using cash.

Wells Fargo Money Order Fees

The maximum per money order limit is currently $1,000.00.  Most locations will allow customers to obtain $3,000.00 worth of

money orders per day, with exceptions being made based on account history with the branch managers approval.

Each money order is assessed a $5.00 fee per transaction.

To find a Wells Fargo money order location near you click HERE.

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