Fishing is a relaxing sport that gives adults and children a chance to relax while catching fish for fun or food. In the United States a fishing license is required in many locations in order to control and regulate commercial or recreational fishing. The regulation was put in place after overharvesting destroyed the fishing industry in certain states that relied on the regular harvesting of certain species. Licenses vary from state to state with some areas only requiring nonresidents to purchase permits. Learning the fishing requirements of each state is time consuming, but now it is possible to acquire a fishing license at Walmart.

Walmart Fishing License

Walmart is one of the largest retailers in the world and is most known for its extremely competitive prices. Most areas in the United States are home to several Walmart stores making it easy and convenient to stop by a Walmart location and get a fishing license. To purchase a fishing license at Walmart simply head to the sports/fishing department and talk to an associate in that area. They will take you to a kiosk where staff in the department will assist you with completing the application and can answer any questions you have about the process.

The Application Process

Customers interested in getting a fishing license in Walmart must provide the staff in the sporting goods department with a copy of their driver’s license (or other type of picture ID) and proof of address. After providing this information the applicant must pay the licensing fee and the walmart staff member will be able to print your fishing license immediately. You are probably wondering how much does fishing license cost at Walmart. The price varies from state to state but on average you will pay the following:

1 Day Salt Water – Shore Fishing license $5-$10

3 Day Trout Fishing $3-$5

1 Year Fishing $9 – $20

2 Year Fishing $18-$40

2 Year Trout Fishing $10-$20

Each state offers several different types of licenses including licenses for residents, senior aged residents, and non-residents so the best way to find Walmart fishing license price is to contact your local Walmart store by phone or visit Walmart fishing department and talk to an associate.

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