Walmart was founded in 1962 by Sam Walton with a goal to make shopping more convenient and easier for families. Currently ,

Walmart is one of the biggest and best known companies around the world with over 5000 stores in United States and over 600 stores throughout United Kingdom. Staying true to its roots Walmart still focuses on making shopping convenient and easy for families by offering wide variety of household products and services. Although many Americans are familiar with Walmart most are surprised to learn that Walmart offers check cashing service to their customers. Below you will find some important information about Walmart Check cashing service. Below you will find important information about Walmart check cashing.

Walmart Check Cashing Policy

Walmart check cashing is fast simple and convenient. If you want to cash your check at Walmart you can simply do so by

presenting your check for cashing at any of the checkout lanes at your local Walmart store. Walmart check cashing center will cash the following checks: Payroll Checks, Government checks, Tax Checks, Cashier’s Checks, Insurance settlement checks, 401k retirment distribution checks, and moneygram moneyorders purchased at Walmart. Walmart will cash checks up to $5000 and you can receive the funds in cash or they can load the money on a Walmart MoneyCard. Walmart MoneyCard can be purcashed for $3 at any checkout lane. If you want to avoid the $3 fee you can request the MoneyCard online for free by CLICKING HERE. It is important to note that Walmart does not cash personal hand written checks.

Walmart Check Cashing Fees

To cash any check up to $1000 Walmart will charge a $3 fee.

For any checks over $1000 up to $5000 Walmart will charge $6 fee.

If you have multiple checks , each check will have its own fee depending on the amount of the check.

It is important to note that Walmart does not cash any checks that are over $5000.

To find a Walmart check cashing location near you click HERE

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