TD Bank, N.A. is a financial institution operating in the United States that provides banking solutions to a variety of personal

and professional customers.  With over 1,300 locations throughout 15 states, the institution has serviced customers since 1852.  In addition to a number of traditional banking services, TD Bank offers several convenient services designed to help their customers.  One of these services is the ability to purchase a TD Bank money order during normal business hours. Below you will find important information about TB Bank money order.

TD Bank Money Order Policy

Money orders can be purchased in the lobby or drive-thru of any TD Bank branch.  In order to make a purchase, you must be a member of the TD Go Card service or have an account with TD Bank.  Money orders can be purchased using cash or the money in an existing account.

TD Bank Money Order Fees

The TD Bank money order limit is currently $1,000.00.

Each money order is charged a $5.00 per transaction fee.

The number of money orders that can be purchased per day is determined by your individual transaction history and current bank policies.

To find a TD Bank money order location near you click HERE.

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