PLS is a company that specializes in providing customers with an affordable alternative to traditional financial institutions.

Understanding that some people need immediate and unrestricted access to their funds, PLS offers fast check cashing services.  Founded in 1997 the company has worked hard to improve the lives and financial choices of the people who choose to do business with PLS.  Currently PLS check cashing has over 300 locations spread throughout the United States.  Each locations offers a fast and cost effective way for individuals to quickly cash their checks. Below you will find important information about PLS check cashing.

PLS Check Cashing Policy

PLS checking provides individuals who need to cash their checks an alternative to banks.  Most banks will not cash checks if you are not a member, and if they will cash the check the bank will often charge extremely high fees.  PLS check cashing is affordable and extremely easy.  In order to cash a check you must have a valid ID such as a driver’s license, state issued ID, military ID, or United States passport.  At this time PLS is able to cash payroll checks, personal checks, government checks, and out of state checks.

PLS Check Cashing Fees

To cash any in-state payroll check or government check up to $1,500.00 PLS charges 1% of the total check value plus $1.00.

Out of state checks, money orders or personal checks are charged 2.5% of the total check value.

Fees and availability of the check cashing services are subject to store approval based on the checks amount and any risk factors as defined by the location.

To find a PLS check cashing location near you click HERE.

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