The Money Mart location on Yonge St. in Toronto, Ont. March 16/2011. (Photo by Kevin Van Paassen/The Globe and Mail)

Money Mart is a company that advertises itself as an alternative to traditional financial institutions.  With over 1,300

locations worldwide the Dollar General owned corporation offers several services including check cashing.  Seeing itself as a company designed to help average consumers dealing with tough situations Money Mart takes pride in its ability to offer excellent customer service.  Individuals in need of immediate access to their funds can stop by a location to take advantage of convenient Money Mart check cashing services. Below you will find important information about Money Mart check cashing.

Money Mart Check Cashing Policy

Money Mart bills itself as a one stop shop for checking cashing services.  Each location is able to cash any type of check imaginable.  In addition to government and payroll checks that are typically accepted by everyone, Money Mart will cash personal checks, small business checks, insurance checks, and money orders.  The only thing required when cashing a check is a valid form of photo identification such as a driver’s license, military identification card, or a state issued identification card.

Money Mart Check Cashing Fees

The fee to cash a check is currently 3% of the total dollar amount of the check.

Each transaction will be assessed a $2.99 per item service charge.

Check cashing limits are determined on a case by case basis and are influenced by your check cashing history.  Each location reserves the right to decline any transaction.

To find a Money Mart check cashing location near you click HERE.

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