Meijer is a chain of supermarkets that is located throughout the state of Michigan.  A well-known grocery store, Meijer is

popular among locals because of their extended hours of operation, low prices, and many services.  The financial services offered at Meijer are particularly praised since they make it easier for shoppers to access funds even when their banks are closed.  Purchasing a Meijer money order is easy, affordable, and extremely convenient. Below you will find important information a bout Meijer Money Order.

Meijer Money Order Policy

Western Union is the service Meijer uses to process all money order requests.  While money orders can be purchased at Meijer, they cannot be cashed there.  The money orders purchased can only be used within the United States, and cash is the preferred payment method at most locations.  Debit cards are also accepted, but credit cards cannot be used to purchase a Meijer money order.

Meijer  Money Order Fees

Money orders are available in amounts up to $500.00, and customers are limited to purchasing a maximum of $3,000.00 worth of money orders daily.

The fee for each money order transaction is $0.65 per money order.

If a money order is lost or stolen a refund can be processed as long as you have a receipt. The processing fee for a refund is $15.00.

When a receipt is not available a $30.00 processing fee and a research request form needs to be completed. In both cases the processing fee is nonrefundable.

To find a Meijer money order location near you click HERE.

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