Kmart is a department store that was originally founded in 1899.  It became one of the first well known discount stores that

offered quality products for affordable prices and blue light specials.  In 2005 the company was purchased by Sears after the company suffered a financial collapse.  Today Kmart is the third largest big box retailer behind Walmart and Target.  In order to compete with the company’s closest competitors Kmart began offering affordable check cashing services.  The services are designed to be low cost, convenient, and a safe alternative to traditional financial institutions. Below you will find important information about Kmart check cashing.

Kmart Check Cashing Policy

Kmart is a convenient option for anyone who finds themselves in need of a way to quickly cash a check.  Bringing your check with you during your next shopping trip will allow you to cash any check without making an extra trip.  Kmart is able to cash two party personal checks, payroll checks, tax refund checks and government checks.  The maximum check amount Kmart will currently cash is $2,000 and the customer must provide the customer service agent with a valid photo ID.

Kmart Check Cashing Fees

The fee to cash most government or personal checks at Kmart is $1.00

In Illinois and Rhode Island the fee for cashing checks is $0.50.

Checks cashed in Delaware, Connecticut, Georgia, New Jersey, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Washington, and Guam are not assessed a fee.

The maximum payroll or government check that Kmart will cash is $2,000, and the maximum two party check amount that they will cash is $500.00.

All transactions are subject to check verification and approval.

To find a Kmart check cashing location near you click HERE.

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