King Soopers is a United States based grocery store chain that first opened in 1924 Colorado.  Quickly gaining popularity, the

chain expanded throughout the Rocky Mountain area.  Today the chain has approximately 11 locations that are now part of the Kroger corporation.  Shoppers who need to quickly gain access to their paycheck funds when their banks are closed can take advantage of the King Soopers check cashing services.  Guests are able to quickly and conveniently cash their checks during normal business hours. Below you will find important information about King Soopers check cashing.

King Soopers Check Cashing Policy

Guests who are interested in cashing a check at King Soopers must be able to provide their social security number and a valid photo ID.  State issued identification, military identification, and driver’s licenses are all acceptable as long as they are current and not expired. King Soopers will cash any payroll, government, tax refund, insurance, or corporate check.  The limit on amount of checks cashed varies from location to location.

King Soopers Check Cashing Fees

The fee to cash a check at King Soopers is between $3.00 and $5.00.  Actual fees are based on the amount of the check being


Shoppers who cash their checks and load the funds (maximum $1,000) to a 123 Reward Card are eligible for discounted check cashing fees and the reload card fee is waived.

King Soopers reserves the right to decline any check cashing transaction.

To find a King Soopers check cashing location near you click HERE

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