Being locked out of a home or vehicle can be inconvenient at the best of times and dangerous at the worst of times. Having a duplicate key available has helped many vehicle and property owners avoid being placed in a bad situation. Even though most people recognize the benefits associated with having a spare key they often do not have the time to visit a hardware store and have one made. Recognizing the benefits of giving customers a way to make keys quickly and cheaply Walmart introduced Minute Key kiosks at their locations. The ability to use Minute Key helps property owners avoid the expense of a locksmith while making sure everyone in their family has a key in case of an emergency.

Using Walmart Minute Key

Minute Key kiosks are located at the entrances and exits of most Walmart location. Entirely automated, customers do not need to wait for a staff member to come make their keys. Using the Minute Key requires inserting your key into the machine following the prompts on the touchscreen. The machine scans the key and identifies if the machine is able to make a duplicate of your key. At this time Minute Key is only able to duplicate office keys and home keys. While the kiosk cannot duplicate car keys, it can scan a car key and let you know if the Walmart hardware department is able to copy the car key for you.

Once the key is scanned the Walmart Minute Key machine will instruct you to pay for the duplication. The machines accept credit cards, debit cards, and cash. When paying using cash no change can be rendered and coins are not accepted. After payment is rendered the machine will create your key in approximately 60 seconds. Take the receipt you are giving and store it since 100% refunds are available within 30 days if the key you duplicate does not work.

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