Fred Meyer is a United States supermarket chain that was originally founded in Portland, Oregon.  When the first store opened in 1922 it became one of the first “one-stop” stores in the area.  Customers were given the unique and previously unheard of option of purchasing food, clothing, jewelry, and medicine in one convenient location.  In 1998 Fred Meyer merged with Kroger but still

retains the original Fred Meyer brand.  Today the company offers customers convenient money services that include cashing checks.  The Fred Meyer check cashing service makes it easy for customers to cash their payroll or government issued check during their everyday visits to the grocery store. Below you will find important information regarding Fred Meyer check cashing.

Fred Meyer Check Cashing Policy

Cashing a check at Fred Meyer is easy and extremely affordable.  To cash your check all you need to do is visit the Money

Services Center at your nearest Fred Meyer.  The staff on duty will need to see a current valid state or government ID.  Any United States driver’s license, United States passport, military ID, Resident Alien ID, Tribal ID, or Tax ID will be accepted.  A valid social security number is also needed in order to verify your identification.  There are no credit checks required or extensive applications.  Most money service centers are open late and checks up to $5,000.00 can be cashed.  Fred Meyer check cashing will only accept government or payroll checks.

Fred Meyer Check Cashing Fees

To cash any check up to $2,000.00 Fred Meyer will charge $3.00.

For checks that are $2,000.01 to $5,000.00 Fred Meyer will charge a fee of $5.00.

Each check being cashed will be charged its own individual fee.  No check over the amount of $5,000.00 can be cashed.

To find a Fred Meyer check cashing location near you click HERE.

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