Staying properly hydrated is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Each day water is lost primarily through the acts of sweating and normal elimination.  In order to maintain our health, it is recommended that a person consume approximately two liters (half a gallon) of water each day.  Drinking enough water is something that most adults struggle to do since carbonated beverages with high sugar quantities, juice, and other alternatives are readily available.  Fortunately, there are a variety of water brands available that boast different flavors and other benefits that make drinking water a treat.  Costco carries a variety of brands that are competitively priced, taste great, and make storing enough water on hand easy.

Costco Water Delivery

Costco has expanded its services to include delivery making shopping for nonperishable items including water less stressful. Taking advantage of Costco water delivery service means you no longer worry about loading and unloading heavy cases of water.  After placing your order online and paying for it using a Visa card or Costco Card your water will be shipped to your home or business in one to four business days.  Business customers who are in local delivery zones have the additional payment option of checks that can be given to the delivery person when the water is brought to your place of business.

Costco Water Delivery Prices

COSTCO GOLD STAR MEMBER :Costco Bottle Price starts at $6.50 and Costco water dispenser starts at $4.50 every 4 week billing period.

EXECUTIVE MEMBERS : Costco Bottle Price starts at $6.50 and Costco water dispense starts at $2.50 every 4 week billing period.

How does it work?

  1. Choose one of the following Spring, purified, or Artesian water.
  2. Choose 3 gallon or 5 gallon bottle
  3. Add a Costco water dispenser that can dispense both hot and cold water.
  4. You can order online or you can call 1888-432-4823 to order by phone.

Costco Water Bottles available in all stores

If you don’t want to have your water delivered then you always have the option to visit your local Costco store and purchase bottled water by case. Occasionally a specific brand will go out of stock and not be available but most of the times you will find all the brands listed below in stock. Kirkland Signature water is sold in individual bottles that are 8 ounces or 16.9 ounces.  The purified Kirkland water can also be purchased by the gallon and zero calorie Kirkland Signature Vita Rain flavored water can also be purchased in 20 ounce bottles.  Other brands of water available at Costco on a regular basis are Aquafina, Crystal Geyser, Crystal Springs, Dasani, Deer Park, Evian, Fiji, ICE, Nestle, San Pellegrino, Smartwater, Sparkling ICE, Vitaminwater, Voss, LaCroix, Perrier, Propel, Vita Coco, Core, and ZICO.





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