Costco is quickly becoming one of the best places for bargain shoppers to find stylish frames that are available at affordable prices. If you are in the market for a good pair of sunglasses you should consider shopping at Costco because they carry some of the most popular sunglasses brands at great Costco wholesale prices.

Popular Costco Sunglasses

Costco Maui Jim Sunglasses– Maui Jim is a sunglasses manufacturing company currently based in Illinois. Recognized throughout the world the high end frames feature Hawaiian themed designs. Available with both plastic and metal frame material the sunglass styles have a fun retro feel and come in a variety of unisex styles. Costco Maui Jim sunglasses have been seen at Costco for as low as $40 but they are typically priced around $80-$100 which is much lower then their MSRP price of $200-$400.

Costco Maui Jim Prices

Maui Jim Breakers  ..$89.99

Maui Jim Hidden Pinnacle …$89.99

Maui Jim Five Caves …$89.99

Maui Jim Kahoma …$89.99

Maui Jim Long Beach ….$89.99

Costco Ray Ban Sunglasses– Internationally renowned Ray ban is currently owned by the Italian based Luxottica Group and specializes in creating high end glasses frames. Designed to reduce glare that blinded military pilots the sunglasses became wildly popular after being featured in movies like Easy Rider, Top Gun, and Taxi Driver. Ray ban sunglasses can often be found at Costco for as low as $55.99!

Costco Ray Ban Prices

Ray Ban RB4213….$96.99

Ray Ban RB3498…$104.99

Ray Ban RB4115…$55.99

Ray Ban RB4105…$96.99

Ray Ban RB83059…$96.99

Ray Ban RB4232…$68.99

Ray Ban RB2132…$104.99

Ray Ban RB4068…$99.99

Costco Prada Sunglasses– Prada is one of the top brands when it comes to stylish accessories and this is especially true when it comes to their sunglasses. Costco Prada sunglasses come in wide variety of styles with prices ranging from $100-$150.

Costco Polarized Sunglasses– If you want high quality polarized glasses but don’t care about name brand then you should consider buying Costco sunglasses. Costco Polarized sunglasses are designed with a transmission axis oriented vertically reducing glare and blocking reflecting light. Their ability to make eye contact impossible makes them a popular choice with law enforcement and the military. The protection they offer also makes Costco polarized sunglasses the perfect choice for people with cataracts, eye cancer, or other forms of light sensitivity. Costco Kirkland Polarized Sunglasses are usually on sale for $25-$30.

Costco Prescription Sunglasses– In the past wearing sunglasses was not a practical choice for those who needed to wear prescription glasses. The inability to use glasses indoors or when viewing certain types of screens made them a waste of money. Now individuals who rely on glasses are able to purchase prescription sunglasses in any style. Created using your regular eye glasses prescription these sunglasses are perfect to use when driving, on the beach, or in any setting where being able to see clearly is important.

Costco Sunglasses Review

If you are looking to get high quality name brand sunglasses at great prices then Costco is your place. We compared Costco to other popular sunglasses retailers and in every situation Costco had the lowest price often beating its competitors by $50-$100. The wholesale giant even beat out popular online retailer Another benefit to buying your sunglasses at Costco is that you can be sure they are real/genuine sunglasses something that cant be said for many of the popular online retailers. If you look at the reviews for name brand sunglasses on you will notice that some reviewers are claiming they received fake / knockoff glasses. This is one problem you don’t have to worry when shopping at Costco as they get their sunglasses directly from the brand manufacturer. To get the lowest prices on Costco sunglasses we recommend you do the following:

  1. Check Weekly Costco Coupons to see if there are any coupons available for sunglasses.
  2. Check for latest Costco online sunglasses prices.
  3. Visit your local Costco store.
Buying Sunglasses at Costco
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