Since 2005 Costco has offered its customer base business services designed to make Costco memberships convenient and rewarding for business owners.  In recent years the warehouse retailer introduced business centers that specialize in membership-only distribution that gives customers the option to make purchases for their business in person or online with a delivery option.  These business centers carry a broader selection of business related items that cannot be found in regular Costco locations that still cater primarily to consumers.  Costco business centers sell merchandise for resale in larger volume, business supplies, and standard business equipment.  Costco business delivery allows the owners of businesses to reduce the time spent shopping for their business by making ordering convenient and delivery affordable.

How it Works

Business customers are able to shop in person at their nearest location, but since there are currently only 15 business center warehouses located throughout the United States online ordering is available.  The website shows all of the inventory that is available at the warehouses and if a business owner has trouble finding what they are looking for they are encouraged to contact business member services by telephone or email.  Since business centers receive 50 percent less volume than standard Costco locations business customers benefit from shorter wait times and superior customer service.

Orders placed online that are being delivered to the metropolitan areas of major cities are eligible for next-business-day delivery with free delivery for orders over $250.00 and orders that are less than $250.00 are assessed a $25.00 delivery surcharge.  Businesses located outside of eligible areas are part of Costco’s expanded delivery zone have a delivery time of three business days with a $10.00 delivery surcharge assessed on all orders less than $100.00.  If no one is available to receive your delivery a re-delivery charge that is equal to the delivery surcharged is assessed for each new delivery attempt.

Placing an Order

Once you are ready to get started with an order visit the Costco Business Center website and sign in using your business center account.  If you have never used the website before you will need to register using a valid email address and your Costco membership number.  After confirming your delivery zip code, you will be able to shop online by adding the items of your choice to your shopping cart.  When you are finished making your selections “checkout” and pay for your purchase using Visa cards, Costco Credit Card, Costco Cash Cards, or checks.  Only orders being delivered in local delivery zones can be paid for using a check that is given to the driver.  If a company check is being used the name on the business check must match the name on the Costco Business Membership. For more information visit Costco official website.



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