JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. (commonly known as Chase Bank) is one of the largest and most recognized financial institutions in the world.  With headquarters in Colombus, Ohio the bank is one of the leading providers of mortgages, personal loans, personal

accounts, and business accounts.  In addition to various lending and account services, Chase Bank also provides a number of convenience-based financial services to customers.  One of their popular services is providing bank customers with Chase money orders. Below you will find important information about Chase Money Order.

Chase Money Order Policy

Chase money orders can be purchased at any branch during normal operating hours.  Account holders can use the funds in their open accounts to purchase a money order.  Anyone who does not bank with Chase must use cash to buy a money order.  Debit cards

and credit cards are not acceptable forms of payment, but most locations will allow consumers to draw cash advances from their cards so that they can use the cash to purchase the money order they need.

Chase Money Order Fees

At this time Chase money orders can only be purchased in amounts that do not exceed $1,000.00.  The total number of money orders that can be purchased every 24 hours or within a seven day period varies.

The per transaction fee for all money orders is currently $5.00.

To find a Chase money order location near you click HERE.

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