Bank of America is an international financial services corporation that was originally founded in 1904.  With headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, the bank operates over 5,000 branches and maintains over 16,000 ATMs.  Customers use Bank of America to manage business accounts, personal accounts, and for a variety of lending services.  Currently, it is the second largest bank

in the United States and many customers benefit from the affordable Bank of America money order purchasing options. Below you will find important information about Bank of America Money Order.

Bank of America Money Order Policy

Bank of America money orders can be purchased in the lobby of any branch location during regular business hours.  Anyone who does not have a Bank of America account is required to purchase their money order using cash.  Individuals with accounts in good standing can use the available balance to purchase a money order.  At this time money orders cannot be purchased in Arizona, California, Colorado, Minnesota, Nevada, and Oregon.  If Bank of America changes their state availability we will update the information on this site.

Bank of America Money Order Fees

The current per money order limit at Bank of America is $1,000.00.

Certain account holders are able to purchase money orders free of charge.  Customers must contact their branch or look at their

personal schedule fees to find out if they qualify for free money order services.

Those who do not qualify for free money orders, or who are not account holders, are required to pay a fee of $5.00 per money order.

To find a Bank of America money order location near you click HERE.

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