Ace Cash Express was founded in 1968 in order to provide financial solutions to individuals who did not wish to do business with traditional banks.  Currently, Ace Check Cashing is one of the largest companies of its kind in the United States.  There are over 1,000 locations spread throughout the country and many are open until late in the evening along with weekends.  Ace is

dedicated to providing convenient financial services for customers who require immediate access to their funds.   Even though many have seen Ace Cash Express locations few realize how much convenience their services offer.  Below you will find some important information about Ace Check Cashing service. Below you will find important information about Ace Check Cashing.

Ace Check Cashing Policy

Ace check cashing is convenient and can be completed quickly without the hassle associated with many bank transactions.  If you need to cash a check at Ace all you need to do is visit any of their locations in your area.  Ace locations are open later than

most banks and similar institutions allowing you to cash a check even if you get off of work late or only able to visit a check cashing business on the weekends.  The only thing needed to cash a check is a valid photo ID.  Ace is able to cash payroll, personal, company, government, tax refund, and insurance settlement checks.   No credit check is necessary and Ace will cash most checks that other companies will not handle including money orders.

Ace Check Cashing Fees

Ace Cash Express will cash any check regardless of the amount with all transactions subject to approval.  Their fees are based on the type of check being cashed and the way you choose to receive your funds.

Personal checks (and handwritten checks) are charged a fee of 6% of the total check amount.

Payroll checks (that are printed or computer generated) are charged a fee of 3% of the total check amount.

Government checks are charged a fee of 2% of the total check amount.

Any check that is deposited onto an Ace Prepaid Card instead of redeemed for cash is charged a 2% fee.
Each check cashed will have be charged a separate fee based on the amount of the check.

To find an Ace Check Cashing location near you click HERE.

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