7 Eleven is a chain of convenient stores that was founded in 1946 Texas.  What started out as a place for busy shoppers to purchase snacks, beverages, and other small items.  Today 7 Eleven is an international chain of convenient stores that operates over 56,000 locations in 18 different countries.  One of the chains most famous products is the frozen beverage called the

“Slurpee”, but its most popular service is check cashing 7 Eleven offers customers in the United States an easy way to get their payroll or government checks cashed.  The numerous locations around the country give millions of loyal customers a convenient place to stop before or after work in order to get their checks cashed and gain immediate access to much needed funds. Below you will find some important information about 7 Eleven Check Cashing.

7 Eleven Check Cashing Policy

7 Eleven entered into an agreement with Vcom in 2004 to offer kiosks that could provide customers 24 hour access to check cashing services.  The convenience of the service made it popular with customers and Vcom kiosks became available at thousands of 7 Eleven locations.  In order to use a Vcom location to access 7 Eleven check cashing services you

must sign up for an account.  This requires entering your address, telephone number, social security number and identification numbers found on your ID.  Payroll, government, insurance settlement, cashier’s checks, tax refund checks, and money orders can be cashed using the 7 Eleven kiosk.  Personal checks cannot be cashed at 7 Eleven and most kiosks will not cash a check exceeding $1,500.00.

7 Eleven Check Cashing Fees

The fee to cash checks at 7 Eleven is currently 0.99% of the total value of the check.

To find a 7 Eleven check cashing location near you click HERE.

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