Grapefruits on a wooden table.

Grapefruit Seed Extract is created using the seeds and pulp of a grapefruit in

order to make a substance with multiple health benefits.  Beginning in the early 1990s physicians began exploring the potential health benefits of Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) that was growing in popularity among holistic health practitioners whose patients preferred natural treatments.  Over the years the growing popularity of the product combined with additional research led to the discovery of multiple health benefits associated with the extract.  Though there are dozens of reported health benefits, we have created a list of the five things we find most beneficial.

Sinusitis Relief

Over three million people in the United States suffer from sinus infections annually.  Commonly caused by allergies or colds, sinusitis can cause severe facial pain, congestion and headaches for up to eight weeks.  Adding approximately two drops of GSE to water with a very small amount of salt and using a spray atomizer to spray the solution into your nose every four hours provides natural sinusitis relief.

Ulcer Prevention

Stomach irritation in the form of ulcers can develop when acid damages the lining for your digestive tract.  Abdominal pain associated with ulcers can be anything from irritating to debilitating.  Dissolving a capsule of GSE into 12 ounces of fluid and drinking it can provide relief while helping to prevent ulcers.

Immune System Boost

Taking one dose of GSE daily in capsule form or by adding it to a beverage in its liquid form can boost your immune system.  Daily use is especially recommended during flu season or if you are experiencing any type of cold or virus related symptoms.  When used this way adults get sick less often, feel better faster if they do get sick, and have more energy overall.

Improves Skin Health

First impressions are lasting making individuals with acne or eczema concerned about what impression their skin problems will cause.  Using three drops of GSE on the skin after cleansing to massage effected areas before rinsing the extract off can improve the overall appearance of your skin.  When using GSE for acne or eczema related problems always be sure to avoid contact with your eyes.

General Antimicrobial Benefits

Even when it is not ingested or used directly on the skin GSE can be used throughout your home as a general antimicrobial.  Adding the extract to your washing machine rinse cycle or personal steam cleaner can kill dangerous bacteria, fungi, and other organisms.  It can also be mixed with water in a spray bottle and used as a kitchen disinfectant allowing you to keep your home protected without using potentially harmful chemicals.

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